100% of the purchase price (minus GST) of Charity Pot goes to small grassroots organisations who could use the helping hand to do the work that they do.

We like to look after those who look after others, and are committed to supporting small, grassroots charities and projects working on behalf of the environment and conservation, animal protection, and for human rights. Although those are our main areas of focus, any group may be considered regardless of geographical location, field of expertise, or whether the organization is registered. Charity Pot is the main source of charitable funds but we also raise additional money through limited edition charity products.


Funding Guidelines

At LUSH, our ethics guide every decision we make as a business, from the products we invent to the charities we give donations to. The causes we support cannot conflict with our ethics. Applicants must:


*Not be involved in animal testing, research or any actions harmful to animal welfare

*Only participate in non-violent action (if the charity engages in direct-action campaigning)

*Be environmentally responsible

*Respect human rights

*Not be affiliated with a central faith based organisation



Funding Applications


If you are passionate about a particular organisation that could use a helping hand, let us know about it. Email the details to our Charity Pot manager, Emma Hart at emmah@lush.com.au.