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  • Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser


    Love it!! The best cleanser I have ever used!! It's a gentle exfoliant which makes my skin look an feel soo soft!! And it smells so good reminds me of biscuits

  • Stepping Stone Foot Scrub


    Unlike many others who seem to receive 'dust' in the mail, my stepping stone arrived in one piece, but it definitely has the tendency to smash up quickly. The instant water touches it, or you squeeze ...

  • Ocean Salt Scrub


    My first scrub that I've used and needless to say I use it every week or when I need a pick me up. It leaves you feeling so refreshed! I've recently started massaging it into my hands when I've had a...

  • Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser


    As a person who suffers from extremely acne prone skin this fresh cleanser has considerably improved my skin tenfold. It feels softer, with my pores looking less large. I use this fresh cleanser wi...

  • Dark Angels Cleanser


    I have temperamental skin that gets oily sometimes and is prone to the occasional breakout. This stuff smells so amazing, earthy charcoal with aniseed, and it's fine to smoosh in your hand and app...

  • Dark Angels Cleanser


    I love this stuff! I feel it really cleaning my face and my skin always feels amazing after every wash. At first I wasn't using it right and adding too much water but once I added less I really notice...

Scrub, scrub me do! Buff your rough patches with Fair Trade sugar and stimulating extracts.

  • Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser Quick View

    Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser

    Angelic, medieval cleansing wash with rose and lavender. Angels on Bare Skin is the Lush version of an expensive medieval skincare recipe. Rare, precious essential oils were first brought to Europe by the crusaders who encountered Arabian medicine. The church immediately banned them because their ability to alter states of mind was considered the devil’s work! But the final result was Cosmetics 1, Church 0. Rose oil and lavender oil were discovered to do wonderful things for the skin, too. Almost a thousand years later, you’d be hard pressed to find a better all round cleanser and exfoliator than Angels.

    In Stock

    $16.95 / 100g

  • Big Buffy Body Butter Quick View

    Big Buffy Body Butter

    Exfoliating scrub for your seating area. Use Buffy on wet skin, in the bath or the shower, to make you softer and smooth to the touch. Buff yourself all over, paying special attention to your backside; rinse off the ground up exfoliating bits of rice, almonds and beans and pat yourself dry. There’s no need for body lotion after a Buffy, because the cocoa and shea butters in it moisturise your skin beautifully. Slay that cellulite.

    In Stock

    $24.95 / 200g

  • Body Butter Tin Quick View

    Body Butter Tin

    Keeping your Body Butters in the shower can turn out a little, well, melty. Keep your bars in these tins to ensure they don't melt down the drain.

    In Stock

    $5.95 / 0g

  • Buffy Body Butter Quick View

    Buffy Body Butter

    Exfoliating scrub for your seating area. Use Buffy on wet skin, in the bath or the shower, to make you softer and smooth to the touch. Buff yourself all over, paying special attention to your backside; rinse off the ground up exfoliating bits of rice, almonds and beans and pat yourself dry. There’s no need for body lotion after a Buffy, because the cocoa and shea butters in it moisturise your skin beautifully. Slay that cellulite. 

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 90g

  • Dark Angels Cleanser Quick View

    Dark Angels Cleanser

    Deep, dark, cleanser for young and oily skin. A black, squidgy scrub with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate your skin. Nutritious avocado oil softens, glycerine keeps the moisture in and black sugar softly scrubs; rhassoul mud is anti-microbial and cleanses deeply, while sandalwood and rosewood essential oils are soothing, giving you a feeling of smooth, clean freshness that is difficult to beat. Just remember to wash it off properly and clean the wash basin after you.

    In Stock

    $16.95 / 100g

  • Herbalism Cleanser Quick View

    Herbalism Cleanser

    Purifying and exfoliating herbal cleansing roll wash. Best used on oily and problem skin. Herbalism is a green, squidgy, putty-like paste made from powdered herbs, which are actually perfect for the skin. Herbalism cleanses with China clay, exfoliates with ground almonds, revives the skin with rosemary, uses nettle powder to purge dirt and chamomile to soothe the surface. Please also drink two litres of water a day, go for a three mile walk, don’t smoke and eat your five helpings of fruit to keep your skin looking fantastic. Herbalism can do magic, but you’ve got to do your part.

    In Stock

    $16.95 / 100g

  • Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser Quick View

    Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser

    You can use this cleanser for your face and body – it’s gentle enough to polish and buff your skin all over. It’s scented with Pia’s popcorn perfume that’s in the sugary lip scrub of the same name. It’s smoothing and soothing and ever so slightly warming on the skin.

    Out of Stock

    $16.95 / 100g

  • Mask of Magnaminty 125g Quick View

    Mask of Magnaminty 125g

    Deep cleansing, minty face and back pack. After an overnight flight, a marathon in a rabbit suit or a walk along the Marylebone Road during rush hour, do you feel a deep need to be scrubbed clean? Here's a cleansing mask to do exactly that; China clay and bentonite gel will pull the dirt from your pores, ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds exfoliate surface skin cells, and peppermint oil will make you feel so fresh and minty that you'll forget you were ever grubby.

    In Stock

    $15.95 / 125g

  • Ocean Salt Scrub Quick View

    Ocean Salt Scrub

    Cleansing lime, coconut and sea salt scrub. Ocean Salt is like taking your face on a trip to the seaside for an invigorating splash in the water, then cleansing and refreshing it with lemon, grapefruit and lime juices. Fresh avocado moisturises and softens the skin, while violet leaf absolute calms and nurtures. Use it on oily skin every day and use it to refresh dry skin once a week.

    In Stock

  • Ocean Salt Self Preserving Quick View

    Ocean Salt Self Preserving

    The salty, citrus fragrance is refreshing on the skin and mind, like diving into the cool blue ocean. Sea salt is rich in minerals and excellent for scrubbing away any dead skin. Also packed with rich, silky avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed absolute to keep your skin soft, smooth and conditioned. Our Self preserving formulas have been expertly rebalanced with natural preservatives to discourage bacteria growth, making them entirely self-preserving. In every other respect, the original and self preserving formulas are exactly the same! 

    In Stock

  • Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub Quick View

    Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

    Rub Rub Rub is a bit of a variation on the normal shower gel. Sea salt is gently exfoliating, extra cleansing and mineral-rich. After scrubbing, it dissolves in water, leaving your plughole free of blockages. This new blue scrub is startlingly refreshing, with a dash of lemon juice and the tropical scent of mimosa blossom. Just hop in the shower and rub, rub, rub!

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 330g

  • Sandstone & Ice Blue Soap Stack Quick View

    Sandstone & Ice Blue Soap Stack

    Energise your skin with a bit of ice and sand! Get scrubby with our tropical-smelling Sandstone soap, filled with exfoliating sand and litsea cubeba oil. Ice blue is made with fine sea salt and lovely tingly spearmint to wake up your skin. Contains: Sandstone Gift Soap 100g, Ice Blue 100g

    In Stock

    $12.95 / 210g

  • Stepping Stone Foot Scrub Quick View

    Stepping Stone Foot Scrub

    Everyone needs a Stepping Stone after an arduous day with your foot to the pedal. The green foot has the zesty You’ve Been Mangoed fragrance and punishing pumice to scrub away the rigours of life. Jojoba oil will moisturise dry skin without leaving them greasy and sea salt will treat them to plentiful minerals. Put your feet up and save your soles.

    In Stock

    $5.95 / 75g

  • Sugar Scrub Quick View

    Sugar Scrub

    Our Sugar Scrub is hard, but a bit of a sweetie. Its no nonsense stance stimulates activity and tackles cellulite with fennel and ginger. Skin calming lavender has a balancing effect. Get yourself wet in the shower or bath, but don’t let the bar get under the running water or it’ll be lost before it can prove itself. Scrub, scrub, scrub and rinse away. It doesn’t waste any time getting down to business.

    In Stock

    $6.50 / 100g

  • You Snap The Whip Body Butter Quick View

    You Snap The Whip Body Butter

    Hardcore body scrub and butter bar to show skin how to behave. It’s black, fruity and it scrubs your skin really, really hard. Get soaked in the shower and start your punishment. You Snap The Whip forces your skin to submit to its pumice and charcoal regime. Once the wickedly effective exfoliation is over, it comforts you with luxurious macadamia nut oil and scents you with fruity blackcurrant and bergamot essential oils. Your skin feels as if you’ve just peeled off the old one and revealed a sexy new one (which you have, in a manner of speaking). 

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 95g