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Luxury Bath Melts

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  • Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt Quick View

    Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt

    Magical, relaxing melt for softer skin. It could be the ultimate bathing experience, but we won’t know that until we finish inventing them. For now, it’s as wonderful as you can get. Each melt is wrapped in muslin, dipped in wild flowers and tied with a ribbon. According to the spell it is based on, if you spit three times in the water, your wish will come true. Cocoa butter and walnut oil melt, frothing slightly, leaving you a muslin bag of whole oats to give your skin a soothing and gently scented scrub. It’s truly lovely.

    In Stock

    $9.95 / 100g

  • Dreamtime Bath Melt Quick View

    Dreamtime Bath Melt

    Skin softening, soothing and sleep-inducing melt. Guess when you should drop this luxuriously creamy block into the water? Bedtime! It may look small, but its secret strengths lie in its scent. The Dreamtime causes your worries to fade away with jasmine, lavender calms your head and sandalwood relaxes your limbs, so use it whenever you need good sleep, soft skin and sweet dreams.

    In Stock

    $7.95 / 50g

  • Floating Island Bath Melt Quick View

    Floating Island Bath Melt

    Slow-melting, sandalwood and lemon luxury. Technically, islands don’t float, but let’s not split hairs. Our Floating Island is a vanilla-scented melt with a touch of reviving lemon. It floats in your bath, gradually dissolving, softening the water and smoothing your skin. It’s a wonderful treat for a weekend bath, when you can stay in there as long as you like

    In Stock

    $8.95 / 120g

  • Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt Quick View

    Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

    Slow melting musky marshmallow marvel. MMM melts into a pink, fluffy waterbed of marshmallow and moisturizing cocoa butter. Each Melting Marshmallow Moment is made with marshmallow herb, which produces a sweet, skin-soothing mucilage that was used to make sugar candies for hundreds of years, and marigold, which is equally calming for your skin. Take your time, savour each moment and have as many marshmallows as you like. 

    In Stock

    $8.95 / 100g

  • You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt Quick View

    You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt

    Cheery, fruity mango butter melt. You’ve Been Mangoed is bright and breezy, with nutritious mango and avocado butters to make your skin feel as if it has just had a really healthy breakfast and is all set up for the day. Its fruity scent comes from skin toning lemon and lime essential oils, with a drop or two of invigorating lemongrass to get things going. Everyone should know the joys of being well and truly Mangoed 

    In Stock

    $7.95 / 50g