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  • Lush Legends Gift


    Was surprised with the 'Lush Legends Gift' for mothers day this year... extremely impressive gift that took me a good half hour to unwrap and reveal all the goodies inside. Layers of fun awesome produ...

  • Honey Gift


    I received this for my birthday and it's such a beautiful gift! For anyone who is a fan of Honey I Washed The Kids soap or gel, or just a fan of sweet honey scents, then this is the perfect gift! Smel...

  • Happy Daze Gift


    I love this kit it was awesome kit I love the thing inside the kit the bath bomb is amazing!!! And everything smell awesome !!! This was my first gift set from lush and I love it !!

  • Pillar of Fizz


    I bought this along with my butterball bath ballistic to be able to store it in case I held off using it for a few weeks and although it says it can hold up to three bath ballistics, the tube itself i...

  • Pillar of Fizz


    I love these! Such a cute idea, and I love the whole concept of recycling the pots! These are perfect for storing bath ballistics, so glad I invested in one :)

  • Pillar of Fizz


    these are so cute! I love the idea of them being reusable, it's so much better for the environment, and they're really convenient too! I'm so glad I bought one, definitely a good investment :)

For every rule there is an exception and our gift collection is our rule breaker. At LUSH you'll notice that we prefer naked products over packaging (it's all trash really). However, when it comes to gifts, we want them to be beautiful to look at and exciting to open up and we love our beautiful boxes! The carefully chosen products inside speak for themselves. Our boxes and wrapping are 100% recycled and wherever possible all our lovely packaging is meant to be recycled or reused again so we're really not breaking our own rules.

  • $10 Lush Gift Voucher Quick View

    $10 Lush Gift Voucher

    It's sometimes difficult to pick out gifts for people. If you can't quite decide what your Lush addicted friends and family might like, treat them to a Lush gift voucher and let them decide for themselves. These vouchers are only redeemable in AUS stores or by post to AUS Mail Order.  

    In Stock

    $10.00 / 1g

  • $100 Lush Gift Voucher Quick View

    $100 Lush Gift Voucher

    It's sometimes difficult to pick out gifts for people. If you can't quite decide what your Lush addicted friends and family might like, treat them to a Lush gift voucher and let them decide for themselves. These vouchers are only redeemable in AUS stores or by post to AUS Mail Order.  

    In Stock

    $100.00 / 10g

  • $20 Lush Gift Voucher Quick View

    $20 Lush Gift Voucher

    It's sometimes difficult to pick out gifts for people. If you can't quite decide what your Lush addicted friends and family might like, treat them to a Lush gift voucher and let them decide for themselves. These vouchers are only redeemable in AUS stores or by post to AUS Mail Order.  

    In Stock

    $20.00 / 10g

  • $50 Lush Gift Voucher Quick View

    $50 Lush Gift Voucher

    It's sometimes difficult to pick out gifts for people. If you can't quite decide what your Lush addicted friends and family might like, treat them to a Lush gift voucher and let them decide for themselves. These vouchers are only redeemable in AUS stores or by post to AUS Mail Order.

    In Stock

    $50.00 / 1g

  • 29 Gift Quick View

    29 Gift

    This gift is an exquisite journey through Lush history that will appeal to long-time Lush lovers and excited newcomers alike. We've even named it after our first shop: 29 High Street, Poole! Inside, we've packed it full of our founders' all time favourites, added some beloved classics and thrown in exclusive surprises and new innovations. The box was designed by MinaLima with vintage luggage in mind; lifting the lid is a treat in its own right.   Contents: Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb,  Sex Bomb, Blue Skies 200g,  Fresh Farmacy 100g,  Ultrabland 45g, Karma Soap 100g, Ultimate Shine 55g,  Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g, American Cream 100g, Blackberry Bomb,  Happy Hippy Shower Gel 100g, The Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g, The Comforter 100g,  Sexy Peel Soap  100g, Charity Pot 100g, Bubble Gum Lip Scrub, Dirty Toothy Tabs, Grass Shower Gel 100g,  Whoosh 100g, Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, 9 to 5 - .95g,  Dream Cream 45g, Roots 100g, R & B Hair Moisturiser 45g 

    Out of Stock

    $207.00 / 2kg

  • Ahoy There Gift Quick View

    Ahoy There Gift

    Bring the the flavour and the vibe of the sea in the comfort of your own shower. A salt and sand heaven. Scrub away the day or smooth your skin with this duo of sea-inspired goodies. Designed to awaken the sailor in you Contains:Sandstone Gift Soap 100g, Ocean Salt 70g 

    In Stock

    $19.50 / 170g

  • All The Best Gift Quick View

    All The Best Gift

     A simple message that says it perfectly,the best for you and the best for your skin. Showcasing our five bestsellers all in one gift, this gift will transport you to a world decadence and luxurious skin Contains: Honey I wash Gift Soap 100g,Lemony flutter Sample 10g,Olive Branch Shower 100g,Ro's Argan Body Cond 45g,Rub Rub Rub 135g

    In Stock

    $28.95 / 390g

  • Bella Fruta Gift Quick View

    Bella Fruta Gift

    Feeling fruity? We've got the perfect present. A bath bomb, bath melt, bubble bar, soap, lotion and even some Fun to play with. Contains: Avobath, Sympathy for Skin 45g, Miranda gift soap 100g, The Comforter 100g, Sexy Peel Soap gift 100g, Fun Red 100g

    In Stock

    $34.95 / 600g

  • Blooming Beautiful Gift Quick View

    Blooming Beautiful Gift

    These two fragrant, floral bath products will leave your skin soft,cleansed and delicately perfumed. Contains: Sakura, Pop In The Bath

    In Stock

    $12.95 / 180g

  • Bright and Breezy Gift Quick View

    Bright and Breezy Gift

    Scrub up and rub down with this cheeky little gift! Exfoliate with Rub Rub Rub to cleanse your body with lashings of mineral-rich sea salt, and then smooth the fruity oils and rich butters of Each Peach (And Two's A Pair) massage bar all over to feel soft and supple.       Contains: Each Peach Massage Bar 30g, Rub Rub Rub 130g

    In Stock

    $18.14 / 160g

  • Buttercup Gift Quick View

    Buttercup Gift

    This beautiful box makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Two of our all-time, best-selling products come together to delight the skin and senses: our irresistible, cocoa-butter flecked Butterball Bath Bomb and a slice of our mouth-watering Honey I Washed the Kids soap. Honey, aloe vera and vanilla make this duo smell divine and also make them suitable for sensitive skin. You never know when you might need a gorgeous little gift to give someone, so keep a couple on hand!   Contains: Butterball Bath Bomb,  Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g

    In Stock

    $11.95 / 300g

  • Butterfly Gift Quick View

    Butterfly Gift

    A soft, gentle and beautiful gift inspired by nature, with a divine duo of floral products to cleanse and smooth the skin. Softening, sweet and exquisitely perfumed Sultana Of Soap creates a rich and creamy lather, whilst Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is made with miracle ingredient argan oil, and beautiful rose oil and absolute to leave skin soothed, calm and moisturised. Contains: Sultana of Soap 100g, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g

    In Stock

    $12.45 / 150g

  • Celebrate Gift Quick View

    Celebrate Gift

    A spectacular combination of body care and shower products, these five lively and refreshing goodies will help you celebrate great skin on any occasion! With best-selling treats like Ocean Salt face and body scrub,Honey I washed the Kids soap and Ro's Argan Body Conditioner all wrapped up in a bright reusable hatbox, this uplifting gift is perfect for celebrating any occasion and is sure to be equally popular with ladies and gents. Did someone say bathroom party?! Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g, Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g, Ocean Salt 70g, Fun Red 100g

    In Stock

    $39.00 / 450g

  • Cosmic Gift Quick View

    Cosmic Gift

    Feel cosmic with this pair of heavenly products inspired by the stars in the sky and on the stage. Their comforting scents will help to wash away the blues. Contains: Rock Star Star 100g, Twilight Bath Bomb 

    In Stock

    $13.50 / 250g

  • Danger! Cosmetics To Go Book Quick View

    Danger! Cosmetics To Go Book

    The story of the company that came before Lush The Danger! Cosmetics To Go book tells of the meteoric rise and devastating fall of the dynamic company that came before Lush. For the first time in book form, read all about the invention of bath bombs, shampoo bars and so much more. This is an essential read for Lush fans, original Cosmetics To Go customers and anyone interested in a unique company that took the cosmetics industry by storm...

    In Stock

    $35.00 / 1kg

  • Flower Power Gift Quick View

    Flower Power Gift

    Say it with flowers When you’re not out tiptoeing through the tulips, let our floral favorites put some spring in your step! This head-to-toe collection is a veritable garden of delights featuring some of our most beloved flower-powerful products.  Contains: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g, Prince Charming Shower Gel 100g, Floating Flower Bath Bomb, Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar 50g

    In Stock

    $37.50 / 300g

  • Flowers For Mum Gift Quick View

    Flowers For Mum Gift

    Roses are red and violets are blue, bath times are blissful when made fragrant too. Surprise your mum with a bouquet of luxurious bathroom treats, wrapped up in a generously-sized floral knot-wrap. Be sure to remind mum that after using her beautiful products, she can fill the garden with flowers by planting the seeded tag. Contains: Twilight Bath Bomb, Honey I Washed The Kids Shower Gel 100g, Lemony Flutter 10g, Secret Garden Bath Bomb, Bubblegrub Bubble Bar, Dream Cream 100g, Therapy Massage Bar, Ceridwens Cauldron, Sultana Of Soap 100g

    In Stock

    $74.95 / 700g

  • Godmother & Rockstar Soap Stack Quick View

    Godmother & Rockstar Soap Stack

    A perfect selection for anyone with a sweet tooth for scent.  This soap combo will whisk you away on a nostalgic journey back to your childhood, standing in a sweet shop and staring up at the candy-clad shelves...mmmm   Contains: Rock Star gift soap 100g, Godmother Gift Soap 100g

    In Stock

    $12.95 / 200g

  • Great Balls of Bicarb Quick View

    Great Balls of Bicarb

    Feel good with this gift packed with five of our bestselling bath bombs to rock away the blues and help you roll with it...get back on track with some fizz, sparkle, colour and calming scents. Contains: Avobath Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb, Honey Bee Bath Bomb, Blackberry Bomb, Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

    In Stock

    $29.90 / 600g

  • Happy Bathday Quick View

    Happy Bathday

    Be it a birthday, pay day, your wedding day or any other kind of day...why not make it a bathday? And a happy one at that! With six bathing beauties to create half a dozen different baths, each one unique. The swirling, psychedelic patterned tin was designed by MinaLima, a beautiful keepsake to use again afterwards (for storing even more bath goodies!) Contains: Pop In The Bath 100g,  Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, Twilight Bath Bomb,  Fizzbanger Bath Bomb, Fun Red 200g,  Bright Side Bubble Bar 100g

    Out of Stock

    $37.50 / 600g

  • Happy Daze Gift Quick View

    Happy Daze Gift

    Brighten bath time with this vibrant and fun gift that draws inspiration from 1960s pop and psychedelia. Four  blissful bars and bombs to help you look on the bright side of life.   Contains: Karma Bubble, The Comforter 100g, Fizzbanger, Bright Side 100g

    Out of Stock

    $24.95 / 380g

  • Hello Gorgeous Gift Quick View

    Hello Gorgeous Gift

     A gorgeous gift containing a range of our most indulgent products to help you soak, moisturise and scrub your way to your loveliest best. Lift the floral lid to reveal some of our favourite lotions and potions to have every bit of you glowing. At Lush, we like to keep packaging to a minimum, so like all our gift boxes and knot-wraps, this box is designed to be pretty enough to reuse again. Contains:Honey I Washed the Kids Soap 100g, Vanilla Deelite 100g,  Gorgeous 10g,  Rub Rub Rub 135g,  Fun Blue 200g

    In Stock

    $44.50 / 600g

  • Honey Gift Quick View

    Honey Gift

    Sweet and indulgent Make life a little sweeter for someone special with this thoughtful gift full of luscious honey products, wrapped up with a lovely organic cotton Knot-Wrap. Our bestseller Honey I Washed The Kids soap and It’s Raining Men shower gel will get skin clean and smelling sweet, while the deep cleansing Honey bee bath bomb and Honey Trap lip balm will soften and nourish the body and lips, leaving it sweetly-scented and touchably smooth. How sweet it is! Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g,  Honey Bee Bath Bomb,  Honey Trap Lip Balm 8g, Its Raining Men Shower Gel 100g

    In Stock

    $29.95 / 350g

  • Karma & Honey Soap Stack Quick View

    Karma & Honey Soap Stack

    Two of our best selling soaps, stacked up for your bathing and showering pleasure! Enjoy the sweet, honey-toffee scent of Honey I Washed The Kids, and the uplifting fragrance of Karma, with its exotic patchouli and orange oils all in one beautiful package Contains:  Karma Gift Soap 100g, Honey I wash Gift Soap 100g

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 200g

  • Lush Canvas Bag Quick View

    Lush Canvas Bag

      Join the fight against animal testing with this inspiring ethical tote bag designed to hold all of your cruelty-free LUSH loot. We've joined forces with the non-profit organization Re-work to craft these eco-friendly bags made from 100% organic, fair trade cotton. With every bag you purchase you'll be raising awareness about our long standing efforts to fight against animal testing. You'll also be supporting the efforts of Re-work, which empowers women in India through employment handcrafting sustainable textile products. This clever tote features two bunnies high-fiving (or are they doing the tango) to add a whimsical touch to this bold bag.

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 200g

  • Lush Legends Gift Quick View

    Lush Legends Gift

    Our most legendary, popular products If you want a gift to ‘wow’ them, stupefy and mystify them- then you can’t go wrong with a LUSH Legends. The ultimate in LUSH luxury, LUSH Legends is the most impressive gift we've got. It struts, taps and trumpets its way to the top of the LUSH gift tree. We've packed in all the classic best-sellers, including newcomers that have leapt to the top of the charts. For face, feet, hands and everything between; you're in legendary company. Reward the most fabulous people in your life with our most fabulous gift!  Fresh Farmacy 100g, Dream Cream 100g, Karma Soap 100g, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g, American Cream 100g, Seanink 55g,  Happy Hippy Shower Gel 100g,  Honey Trap Lip Balm 8g,  The Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g,  Sexy Peel Soap 100g, Ice Blue Soap 100g, Sugar Scrub 50g,  Gorgeous 10g, Lemony Flutter 10g, Bubble Gum Lip Scrub, Big 45g, Stepping Stone Foot Scrub 75g, Whoosh 100g, 9 to 5 - .95g, Rub Rub Rub 135g, It's Raining Men Shower Gel 100g,  Sparkle ToothyTabs, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g,  Ocean Salt 70g,  Helping Hands 100g, Roots 100g, Fun Red 100g, Shampoo Bar Tin-BASE, Shampoo Bar-LID

    Out of Stock

    $225.00 / 4kg

  • Lush Life Gift Quick View

    Lush Life Gift

    Fairly traded honey from Zambia, cocoa butter from the San Jose de Apartido Peace Community in Colombia, Fair Trade olive oil from an Israeli/Palestine women's collective... Not only has this beautifully crafted, reusable gift box been designed by illustrator Frazer Hudson, but contained within are some of our finest innovations and products made with Sustainable Lush (SLush) Fund ingredients. Imperialis 10g,  Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g, Figs & Leaves Soap 100g, American Cream 100g,  Fair Trade Foot Lotion 100g, Seanik 55g,  Honey Trap Lip Balm 8g,  The Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g, Stepping Stone Foot Scrub 75g,  Sparkle ToothyTabs,  Vanilla Puff 50g,  Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g,  Ocean Salt 70g,  Fairly Traded Honey 100g,  Dream Cream 45g, Fun Green 100g

    In Stock

    $138.50 / 1kg

  • Lushious Gift Quick View

    Lushious Gift

    All things bright and beautiful are packed into this gift for the ultimate indulgence. We've especially selected all the products inside Lushious to make the bearer feel completely luscious, but we have changed the spelling on purpose!  Contains: Enchanted Eye Cream 10g, Dream Cream 100g,  Figs & Leaves Soap 100g, Ultrabland 10gm,  Grass Shower Gel 100g, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g,  Ocean Salt 70g

    In Stock

    $57.50 / 600g

  • Mum Gift Quick View

    Mum Gift

    Picked for pampering, this gift is full of our fruity favourites and truly sumptious treats. If your mum has a sweet tooth indulge her with a range of products to satisfy all her bath time cravings.   Contains: Yummy Mummy Shower Gel 100g, Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner 45g, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 120g, The Comforter Bubble Bar 200g, Blackberry Bath Bomb, Vanilla Delite Body Lotion 100g

    In Stock

    $52.00 / 600g

  • Pillar of Fizz Quick View

    Pillar of Fizz

    Blow the other packaging out of the (bath) water with our Pillar Of Fizz! Made from recycled black pots, this is an exciting new way to package your explosives. Just add it to your basket and choose three Bath Bombs to fit inside (sold separately). Every time you fancy a trip to a Lush shop, take it along with you to save on packaging!

    Out of Stock

    $3.95 / 50g

  • Pop Gift Quick View

    Pop Gift

    This one is a must for bath bomb fanatics! Pop open the box to discover ten different bath bombs packed with fizz, sparkle, popping candy and calming fragrances – and bursting with a kaleidoscope of colours. Contains: Big Blue Bath Bomb, Avobath Bath Bomb,  Sex Bomb, Honey Bee Bath Bomb,  Blackberry Bomb, Think Pink Bath Bomb, Dragons Egg  Bath Bomb,  Twilight Bath Bomb, Fizzbanger Bath Bomb,  Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb

    Out of Stock

    $62.50 / 1kg

  • Ray Of Sunshine Gift Quick View

    Ray Of Sunshine Gift

    This gift will to bring a little ray of sunshine into your bathroom at any time of the year. Inspired by walking through Mediterranean olive groves on a sunny hillside, overlooking the twinkling blue ocean....with four beautiful products to shower, scrub and soften your skin, ready for the summer sun. Contains: Sandstone Soap 100g,  The Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g, Sugar Scrub 50g,  Karma Kream 45g

    In Stock

    $24.50 / 400g

  • Relax Gift Quick View

    Relax Gift

    Inspired by the feeling of relaxation in the summer with a warm comforting sunset on the horizon. Just Relax... Contains: A French Kiss, Phoenix Rising, Twilight 100g Shower Gel

    In Stock

    $24.95 / 250g

  • Rosie gift Quick View

    Rosie gift

    Think of Rosie as Bunty’s aunt. She’s got a personality all of her own, showcasing a handpicked bunch of some of our favourite rosy products. It’s a bathing showcase with a bubble bar, a bath bomb and a bubbleroon plus a body conditioner to bask in, too. Now that’s what we call blooming blissful bathing. If you love true rose scents, then you need Rosie in your life.\ Contains: Tisty Tosty Ballistic 95g, Amandopondo bubble bar, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g, Rose Queen Ballistic, Rose jam Showergel 100g

    In Stock

    $35.65 / 480g

  • Sandstone & Ice Blue Soap Stack Quick View

    Sandstone & Ice Blue Soap Stack

    Energise your skin with a bit of ice and sand! Get scrubby with our tropical-smelling Sandstone soap, filled with exfoliating sand and litsea cubeba oil. Ice blue is made with fine sea salt and lovely tingly spearmint to wake up your skin. Contains: Sandstone Gift Soap 100g, Ice Blue 100g

    In Stock

    $12.95 / 210g

  • Shiny Happy People Gift Quick View

    Shiny Happy People Gift

    Put a smile on someone's face! A cheerful trio of bright, citrus-scented products. Bohemian soap is made with lemon juice to brighten and cleanse the skin. Happy hippy shower gel is made with toning grapefruit; and versatile Green Fun is filled with lime and lemon oils to leave you fresh and focused. Contains: Bohemian gift soap 100g, Happy Hippy Shower 100g, Fun - Green 100g

    In Stock

    $23.95 / 310g

  • Splash Gift Quick View

    Splash Gift

    Feel ship-shape with this collection inspired by the sea. We've put in everything you need to make you feel as if you've had a refreshing, cleansing dip in the big blue.  Contains: Sea Vegetable soap 100g, Seanik, Whoosh Shower 100g, Ocean Salt 70g 

    In Stock

    $38.95 / 380g

  • Strawberries and Cream Gift Quick View

    Strawberries and Cream Gift

    A little gift of luxury for mum with two products to soothe and comfort her; a rich body lotion packed with bananas, cocoa butter and vanilla and a luscious massage bar made with crushed strawberries. Contains: Sympathy for the Skin body lotion ( 45 g), Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar

    In Stock

    $19.95 / 110g

  • Sugar Sugar Gift Quick View

    Sugar Sugar Gift

    The perfect gift for the honey honey in your life, with six sweet products for the shower and skin to give them a real treat. Whether you're a candy boy or candy girl, this will leave skin soft, sweet and smelling scrumptious. Contains: Flying Fox 100g, Sultana Of Soap 100g,  Vanilla Deelite 100g,  Bubblegum Lip Scrub,  Sweetie Pie 100g,  Turkish Delight 50g

    In Stock

    $51.00 / 650g

  • Sweetest Thing Gift Quick View

    Sweetest Thing Gift

    Show some love with this super-sweet trio of comforting pink and purple products. Candy-shop, blackcurrant and bubblegum scents for soft, saccharine skin. Contains: Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Sweetie Pie 100g,  Fun Pink 100g

    In Stock

    $21.50 / 400g

  • The Art of Bathing Gift Quick View

    The Art of Bathing Gift

    A masterpiece of a gift for fans of bathtime pampering, featuring 15 of our most popular bathing products. Whether you want a foamy extravaganza, floral fragrance, fizz and sparkle or fruit and spice...there's something in here for every bathing occasion!  Like all our gift boxes and knot-wraps, this box is designed to be reused again.   Contains: Butterball Bath Bomb, Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb, Big Blue Bath Bomb, Avobath Bath Bomb,  Amandopondo 100g, Creamy Candy 100g,  Sunny Side 100g,  The Comforter 200g,  Think Pink Bath Bomb, Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, Twilight Bath Bomb, Fizzbanger Bath Bomb,  Rose Queen Bath Bomb, Bright Side  Bubble Bar 200g, Fun Red 100g

    Out of Stock

    $91.50 / 2kg

  • The Whole Fruit Gift Quick View

    The Whole Fruit Gift

    This is a bonanza for the whole body....we really do put the whole fruit in! Ten exotic and fruity goodies to pamper you all over and put some zing in your step Contains: Avobath, Miranda Soap 100g,  I Love Juicy 100g,  American Cream 100g,  Happy Hippy Shower Gel 100g, The Olive Branch Shower Gel 100g,  The Comforter 200g, Sexy Peel Soap 100g, Lip Service Balm 8g, Karma Kream 45g

    In Stock

    $82.50 / 1kg

  • Think Pink Gift Quick View

    Think Pink Gift

    "Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige. From now on, girls, think pink!” Inspired by the 1957 film starring Audrey Hepburn, Funny Face, this gift features 13 pink treats for the bath and shower – the ultimate gift for top-to-toe pampering in pink, and you can even use the giant pink ribbon to decorate yourself with afterwards.   Contains: Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Creamy Candy 100g,  Rock Star Soap 100g,  Fair Trade Foot Lotion 100g,  Sakura Bath Bomb, The Comforter 200g, The Godmother Soap 100g , Think Pink Bath Bomb, Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Twilight Bath Bomb, Turkish Delight 50g, Helping Hands 10g, Fun Pink 100g 

    Out of Stock

    $85.00 / 1kg

  • Tutti Fruity Gift Quick View

    Tutti Fruity Gift

    Tutti Fruity is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a bit more zest in their lives (and those who are allergic to mornings). This cheery box contains a fresh and fruity duo of Miranda hand and body soap and Happy Hippy shower gel - zestilicious! 100g Happy Hippy shower gel, Miranda Soap 100g

    In Stock

    $14.25 / 210g

  • Vintage Knot Wrap Quick View

    Vintage Knot Wrap

    Ladies and gentlemen, we're here to tell you that we're Knot-Wrapping your products. When placing your order online, add the Knot Wrap to your basket; we'll pick out a scarf at random and send it with your order. You can order as many as you need to wrap all your products. It adds a personal touch to the gift and they can be re-used. The furoshiki fashionistas can even wear them as scarves.

    In Stock

    $5.50 / 5g

  • Wonderful You Gift Quick View

    Wonderful You Gift

    Show someone how wonderful you think they are with this collection of indulgent products for the bath, shower and body. This is treasure trove of exquisite goodies to leave you feeling and smelling wonderful all over. Dream Cream 100g, American Cream 100g,  Flying Fox 100g,  Godiva Shampoo Bar 55g,  Sultana Of Soap 100g,  Jasmine & Henna 100g,  Gorgeous 10g, 9 to 5 - .95g,  Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 45g, Honey Trap Lip Balm 8g

    In Stock

    $110.00 / 800g

  • You're a Star Gift Quick View

    You're a Star Gift

      Glamorous from head to toe This gift is lavish from the inside out and it’s just what you need to make anyone feel like a star. Nine of our best-loved delights come together to make this one of our most glamorous creations. Made with the finest and freshest ingredients, each one will leave skin (and minds) soothed, relaxed and feeling oh-so-divine. We’ve even wrapped this one up in a gorgeous hatbox that’s sturdy enough to use again and again. Butterball  Bath Bomb, Dream Cream 100g, Karma Soap 100g, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap 100g,  Blackberry Bomb, A French Kiss 100g,  Helping Hands 50g, Gorgeous 10g,  Silky Underwear 60g

    In Stock

    $75.00 / 750g