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Massage Bars

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  • Pearl Massage Bar

    Leonie Mullan

    My absolute favourite, I really love the rich texture and the fragrance is so beautiful, I love it!

  • Dirty Massage Bar


    It is GORGEOUS! The oils melt smoothly and the scent lingers subtly for ages. The chocolate top doesn't melt evenly, which is the only drawback.

  • Tender is the Night Massage Bar


    I use this as either a massage bar or all over moisturiser. It works especially well when I have trouble sleeping and sends me off to instant lullabies :) Love love love this bar!

  • Hottie Massage Bar


    Love this product! Probably my favourite massage bar, the bumps make it great for massaging aching muscles and the smell lingers and leaves me smelling absolutely wonderful.

  • Pearl Massage Bar


    I love the smell but wish it had no beads! It makes the bar snap and break apart so easily and they're always falling out... :( If it had no beads I'd buy again but I'll stick to the completely solid ...

Our solid cocoa and shea butter bars melt at body temperature for a magnificent massage.

  • Dirty Massage Bar Quick View

    Dirty Massage Bar

    Featuring our popular spearmint and herbal Gorilla perfume, Dirty, this massage bar is also filled with cocoa powder, and vegan dark chocolate in the middle (for when you want to get really dirty).

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 50g

  • Each Peach Massage Bar Quick View

    Each Peach Massage Bar

    Lift your spirits and soften your skin with this fruity moisturising massage bar. It’s the perfect combination to manage your mood; the lime, sweet orange, mandarin and grapefruit essential oils will revive your senses and the avocado and mango butters will nourish your body. Rub onto yourself or invite over someone special to help you reach all the places you can't quite massage on your own. Please note care must be taken as our massage bars do melt easily. Keep cool and store in the fridge on a hot day

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 50g

  • From Dusk til Dawn Quick View

    From Dusk til Dawn

    This bar is full of stimulating and sensual oils for a massage that’s sure to last all night. We created an uplifting blend of Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange oil and added ginkgo, guarana and ginseng for their stimulating qualities. Moringa oil and just a hint of lustre leave your skin supple and shimmering. Soften the bar in your hands and massage onto the skin.

    In Stock

    $12.50 / 50g

  • Hottie Massage Bar Quick View

    Hottie Massage Bar

    Hottie is our massage bar for seriously aching muscles. The bar is specifically moulded with bumps that enhance any massage with extra pressure to get the circulation going. The cocoa and shea butter base is similar to Therapy and melts onto the skin quickly to allow a smooth and sensual experience. We use vanilla absolute for its cosy, sweet aroma, which is a subtle aphrodisiac; it’s also moisturising for the skin and softening in combination with shea and cocoa butters. Black pepper and ginger oils are stimulating and warming for the skin, which gets your blood flowing and helps to release muscle tensions and ache. A Hottie like this one is sure to get you going. Please note care must be taken as our massage bars do melt easily. Keep cool and store in the fridge on a hot day

    In Stock

    $12.95 / 60g

  • Massage Bar Tin Quick View

    Massage Bar Tin

    Keep your Massage Bar in a smart new Lush tin and you can slip it into your overnight bag (complete with Fever bar) when you're off for a romantic weekend. Take Therapy when you've got a relaxing massage booked and hand it to your masseur. It fits Therapy- Fever- Each Peach and Two's a Pear.

    In Stock

    $5.95 / 25g

  • Peace Massage Bar Quick View

    Peace Massage Bar

    Inspired by the London Riots and times of turmoil, we have developed this new massage bar based on our signature spa treatment Synaesthesia – it’s filled with the oils for Forgiveness, Acceptance, Calm and Content.  We hope this is the perfect recipe to heal troubled situations, because peace starts within every single one of us.  Use alone to treat your skin, or treat a friend to a massage and spread the love.  Simply rub and wish for peace.The word Peace has been added to the Synaesthesia menu at the LUSH SPA, with new massage techniques involved in the treatment to make you feel at Peace (Synaesthesia all over body massage is £125.00). All LUSH massage bars have a cocoa butter base, but this one uses a new cocoa butter from a peace project we have recently started working with - a cooperative of villages in Columbia who have declared peace and refused to take sides in the turmoil around them.  They are an inspiration.  We have also included Olive Oil in this bar, from a fair trade project in Israel.  The oil is produced by a collaboration of people who reach across the racial divide. Please note care must be taken as our massage bars do melt easily. Keep cool and store in the fridge on a hot day

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 50g

  • Pearl Massage Bar Quick View

    Pearl Massage Bar

    This sweet and floral bar is made with antioxidant argan oil, soothing rose oil and absolute, with sago bubbles to massage the skin and help boost circulation. Go on, give it a try. 

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 50g

  • Percup Massage Bar Quick View

    Percup Massage Bar

    Perk up your skin with this caffeine-fuelled massage bar. Whole coffee beans will help to boost circulation, whilst coconut and jojoba oils hydrate and nourish the skin. The rich coffee aroma is sure to stimulate your senses and leave you bright, alert and smelling amazing.

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 50g

  • Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar Quick View

    Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar

     It's no punishment to receive a massage with this bar. Submit to its sweet, sophisticated earl grey and citrus scent; revel in the richness of the melting butters as they relieve tension in your mind and body.

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 50g

  • Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar Quick View

    Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar

    Shimmy shimmy into Lush for vanilla scented skin that sparkles. It’s shaped like an abstract heart and smells of vanilla and lavender, with a hint of herbal clary sage. The Shimmy Shimmy bar perfumes, softens your skin and makes you shine like a star. The glitter in Shimmy Shimmy is very subtle and gives you a pink-bronze glow that lights up pale, wintery skin. Please note care must be taken as our massage bars do melt easily. Keep cool and store in the fridge on a hot day

    In Stock

    $10.95 / 30g

  • Soft Coeur Massage Bar Quick View

    Soft Coeur Massage Bar

    The honey toffee bar with a soft core. The Soft Coeur was designed for a romantic tryst. It got its name from its chocolate and honey soft centre, which you can melt and smooth all over your lover’s body to make him or her extra tasty. Helen wanted to call it Soft Centre, and it morphed into Soft Core before metamorphosing into Soft Coeur. It’s made with honey and suitable for honeymoons. It’s as good for your skin as it is for your relationship. Please note care must be taken as our massage bars do melt easily. Keep cool and store in the fridge on a hot day

    In Stock

    $10.95 / 30g

  • Strawberry Feels Massage Bar Quick View

    Strawberry Feels Massage Bar

    Strawberry Feels Forever is a strawberry massage bar that we make with fresh, skin-toning strawberries; it even looks like a strawberry. You have to squash it a bit to get it into the massage bar tin, but we think it’s worth it. Our Fair Trade cocoa and shea butters make your skin feel lovely, and send their benefits all the way back to Ghana and Costa Rica. It smells like a strawberry, orange dessert, topped with geranium flowers. Feel one on your skin soon. Please note care must be taken as our massage bars do melt easily. Keep cool and store in the fridge on a hot day.

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 75g

  • Tender is the Night Massage Bar Quick View

    Tender is the Night Massage Bar

    A sensual massage bar filled with romantic essential oils. Shea and murumuru butters are specially blended to melt easily onto the skin to allow a smooth massage. As well as helping the bar glide, they also help to lock in moisture. As the bar warms and softens, it releases the heady blend of ylang ylang oil, Fair Trade vanilla absolute, and jasmine absolute.

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 70g

  • Therapy Massage Bar Quick View

    Therapy Massage Bar

    Euphoria-inducing bar with uplifting neroli. Therapy is a wunder-bar. First, it moisturises with cocoa and shea butters to make your skin softer. Then, it eases your tensions with lavender and neroli oils - neroli is the one that gives you a feeling of euphoria, especially when you have someone massaging it into your shoulders.Therapy is also ideal for massaging on your bump through pregnancy to reduce stretch marks, and is great for baby massage. Give therapy a try and you’ll feel better in no time. 100% Certified Organic Please note care must be taken as our massage bars do melt easily. Keep cool and store in the fridge on a hot day

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 50g

  • Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar Quick View

    Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

    If you feel it tingling, it’s working. The spicy combination of cinnamon leaf and peppermint essential oils create a warming feeling to help ease aching muscles. The brown bits in the bar are little aduki beans that feel like magic fingers. They help knead out those knots in your muscles; it’s your own personal traveling masseuse. Rub it in and melt away deep, painful aches like a stiff neck, back, shoulders or sore thighs, calves and feet, leaving you feeling as good as new.

    In Stock

    $14.95 / 70g

  • Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar Quick View

    Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar

    Made with Lust: our sexiest, sultriest, unadulterated jasmine fragrance. All the beautiful butters and oils in this bar mean it will glide easily onto the body, leaving its floral perfume to linger on your skin. It will have you turning heads all day long.

    In Stock

    $13.95 / 50g