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  • The Greeench


    Love this stuff. I don't like the smell of it however after the initial overpowering scent you don't smell it and it stops any body odour. I love it being a powder as you feel drier, fresher and clean...

  • The Guv'ner


    Having tried all the other Lush deodorants I decided to try this one. Unfortunately it is not suitable for those who shave their underarms as it gives the appearance of hair due to its dark colour. It...

Sweat happens. Treat your 'pits to the odor-vanquishing power of antibacterial essential oils and feel fresh, sans aluminium.

  • Aromaco Deodorant Quick View

    Aromaco Deodorant

    The original patchouli one for hippy armpits. Aromaco is our deodorant for all over your body, perfumed with patchouli essential oil. Patchouli was used to perfume genuine Indian ink in Victorian times, so that you could tell you were getting the real thing, not a synthetic fake. The Victorians also used it to keep moths out of their pashminas. Patchouli is cooling on the skin, astringent and soothing. Perfect for under your arms.

    In Stock

    $10.95 / 100g

  • Dirty Body Spray Quick View

    Dirty Body Spray

    Spray yourself fresh Squirt our Dirty spray over your body, day or night, for portable deodorizing when you're on the move. Dirty spray is a deep and powerful freshener any time that you feel rushed off your feet; sandalwood helps to combat unwanted odours and that famous Dirty scent of tarragon, lavender and subtle spearmint will fool even the bloodhounds. Complete your layers with the deeper levels of Dirty. Those of you who remember B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful will probably remember we had a range of men's products called Dirty. One of these fabulous products was Dirty Body Spray. Get guys to ‘can' their aerosol body sprays and start using this freshly fragranced one instead. Plus it's made with real fragrance that will last a lot longer.

    In Stock

    $19.95 / 180g

  • T for Toes Quick View

    T for Toes

    An odour absorbing foot powder with tea tree and walnut oils to seriously treat those feet.

    In Stock

    $9.95 / 1g

  • T'eo Deodorant Quick View

    T'eo Deodorant

    T’eo bar is a tea tree deodorant for sweaty and active people. Stick it in a baggie and carry it around with you for regular top ups. Tea tree, lemon and juniper are excellent against bacterial invaders. The powdered sodium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate absorb odours and excess perspiration. If you’ve been exercising, dab the bar under your arms for reinforcements. 

    In Stock

    $9.95 / 90g

  • The Greeench Quick View

    The Greeench

    Naturally effective herbs and absorbent powders to banish the gremlins from your armpits ( and other smelly parts)

    In Stock

    $10.95 / 75g

  • The Guv'ner Quick View

    The Guv'ner

    Govern your body odour with this hardworking, absorbent-charcoal powder. It’s top dog and don’t you forget it. A new powder deodorant, based on the formula for The Greeench – just for men! The inventors have done many deodorants over the years but The Greeench is pretty much unbeaten for our best ever. Mark’s combined ultra-absorbent charcoal-powder with lycopodium powder for a double-sweat absorbing super deo. It’s tried and tested by the inventor himself; worn under white shirts every day for three months.

    In Stock

    $15.95 / 80g